With our solutions to stronger ties with your visitors. Pre-sale and sale of tickets, accreditation, sale of additional services (e.g. parking, camping, etc.), sale of commemorating items, catering tills, non-cash payment with bracelets, electronic ticket validation, all necessary equipment. Focus on attractive performers and good production, and you can leave the rest to us.


integrated platform for marketing, day and multi-day ticket sales, accreditation, merchandising, non-cash payment ...

With the Mykarte platform, you'll reach the widest audience in the pre-sale phase, and your tickets will be available at all times and everywhere. During the implementation phase, a single integrated platform will maximally simplify your work, optimise costs, provide complete control of what is happening and increase revenue. At the same time, it will provide you with a full financial overview of the traffic and control of what is happening.


accessibility of content always and everywhere

Think of your own festival on-line shop on Mojekarte technology and connect even more closely with your visitors in this way. Pre-sale of all types of tickets, pre-sale of additional services, collection of applications for accreditation, merchandising, ... All these services can be trusted 24/7 with modern on-line services, while you can focus on the execution section and production only.

Looking for a ticketing system at sporting events? Strengthen your ties with your fans and achieve the sales you've always wanted.

We have been building our professional competences since 1990.

Looking for an inter-agency platform for marketing, pre-sale and ticket sales, catering offers and merchandising at the festival? Are you interested in new concepts, such as the cashless business of all festival goers? Want to know how to make sense, set up and manage the supporters of your festival? We offer proven solutions and a full range of professional additional services.

Mycards are a partner to many festival brands.

Integrated platform for marketing and ticket and other festival products

  • Advertising of the festival and festival offers on the digital channels Mojekarte and partner digital channels.
  • Running advertising campaigns with direct e-mail to adremo Mojekarte.
  • Full support for managing pre-sales of all types of tickets through the online store, call centre and Mojekarte sales network with more than 800 authorized outlets.
  • Full support for the work of the festival coffers at the event site.
  • Online sales with the possibility of personalization of tickets.
  • Priority online sales only for specific groups of visitors.
  • Option for online sales of items and additional services.
  • Possibility to limit the allowed number of tickets purchased according to different parameters.
  • Automatic management of virtual types of customers ensures stable operation of online sales even in conditions of exceptional demand for tickets.
  • The ability to set up your own sales network, or a sales network through your sponsors.

By automating to a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for ticket sales at sporting events

  • Easy and fast ticket sales.
  • Regular and season tickets, packages, memberships and item sales.
  • Packages of tickets allowing entry to different halls.
  • Gift cards, coupons and promotional codes.
  • Barcodes that allow security and quick pick-up of cards.
  • Quickly enter new events.
  • Print@home a new ticket printing system.
  • CRM customer relationship management tools.
  • Design custom tickets.
  • System integration with analytics tools.

A user-friendly and comprehensive solution for managing product sales at festival events

  • Simple and extremely fast ticket sales at festival box office counters.
  • Daily and festival tickets, packages, memberships, typical festival items (merchandise), bracelets, filling and management of prepaid invoices, catering.
  • Universal festival check out for ticket sales, items and catering offers with tax box included.
  • Packages of tickets allowing entry to various festival venues.
  • A solution for the non-cash operations of festival goers.
  • Unique coding ensures security, prevents abuses and provides quick access to all festival venues.
  • Vaučerji (exchange for festival ticket / bracelet / card), print@home tickets and unmaterialised electronic tickets on smartphones are supported.
  • Possibility of paying at festival checkouts with mobile phones.
  • Design custom tickets.
  • Integration of the sales platform with data processing analytics tools.

The on-line concept ensures accessibility, security, transparency and reliability

  • Online insight into all key real-time sales data.
  • The possibility of using a digital tool for automatic virtual queue management in cases where exceptional interest in tickets is expected, which ensures the stable operation of the online store even with great burdens.
  • Fast registration and secure online purchase with all a few clicks.
  • Possibility of restricting purchase by number of tickets, according to different parameters.
  • Possibility of using promotional codes.
  • Possibility of on-line sale of festival items and additional services (parking, camping, etc.).
  • Possibility of personalization of tickets.
  • The possibility of on-line acceptance of free tickets from quotas reserved for sponsors.
  • Possibility of online accreditation.

Success stories

We share with you some successful business practices that we have developed in cooperation with the organizers of festival events.

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