A platform to support the marketing of cultural events and events and ticket sales to achieve your goals and impress visitors. Open new marketing and sales channels and offer tickets simultaneously at your checkout, online in your online store and on your institution's Facebook profile, over the phone and sales network.


comprehensive approach

In one place we offer you everything you need for visitors personalised and friendly experience at cultural events and events.


integrated platform for marketing events and events and ticketing

Choose a platform that will lower your costs, make marketing more efficient, sell more and delight your visitors.


online sales ensure accessibility at all times and everywhere

Make your offer easy and satisfy every customer.

Looking for a ticketing system at cultural events that will solve all your challenges and create a great experience for visitors?

Professional competences have been building continuously since 1990.

Looking for a comprehensive and tailored solution for marketing and ticketing at cultural events and events that will solve all your challenges and impress you and your visitors with an excellent user experience? Our solutions are also useful on the largest Slovenian odr.

My cards are a partner of the most important cultural institutions and organizers in the wider region

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Integrated platform for efficient ticket sales at cultural events and events

  • Full support for your home check out and phone sale.
  • Online sales offer the possibility of a full set of payments, and customers can print@home their tickets, or transfer e-tickets to their smartphone.
  • Sales in the Marketing and Sales Network of Mojekarte ensure the availability of your offer at every step of the way.
  • Vending machines for sale and pick-up of tickets.
  • The ability to set up your own sales network.

By automating to a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for ticket sales at cultural events

  • Easy and fast ticket sales.
  • Regular and season tickets, packages, memberships and item sales.
  • Packages of tickets with the possibility of entering different halls.
  • Gift cards, coupons and promotional codes.
  • Barcodes for security and quick pick-up of cards.
  • Quickly enter new performances.
  • Print@home a new ticket printing system.
  • Design your custom ticket.
  • A system integrated with analysis tools.

User-friendly and comprehensive solution

  • Simple and extremely fast ticket sales at the windows of the house check-in.
  • Daily tickets, subscriptions, packages, membership programs, loyalty programs, item sales, prepaid invoices.
  • Ticket packages that allow entry to different venues.
  • Gift cards, coupons and promotional codes.
  • Coding of tickets with barcode and QR code provides for security, high security and liquid and fast entry to venues.
  • Easy and quick preparation of the sale of new shows.
  • Print@home tickets and electronic tickets.
  • Creating tickets according to your wishes and needs.
  • Integration with modern tools for in-depth data analysis that enable numerical and graphical presentation.

Accessibility 24/7, reliability and safety

  • Online insight into all key real-time sales data.
  • Buy securely online with all the clicks.
  • Possibility of choosing seats at the request of the visitor.
  • Possibility of limiting purchase by number of tickets, by membership, by ownership of subscription tickets, by code.
  • Possibility of using promotional codes.
  • The possibility to sell items and services.
  • Possibility of personalization of tickets.
  • Possibility of registering /registering participants and paying for registration.
  • Use the Web as an agency sales network.

Successful stories and good business practices

We share with you some successful stories and good practices that we have written with cultural institutions and other organizers.

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