Comprehensive, integrated house solutions

Back office, box office, store, CRM, statistical data processing, entry control. We have solutions for all needs and every volume of business - from the local cultural home, to concert halls with thousands of seats.

Integrated house (in-house) solutions for each specific area and each volume of business.

House back office and box office are the basis of modern business

The basic building blocks of a modern integrated home platform are back office and Box Office software modules.

  • Transparent and easy management of basic data such as: means of payment, system discounts, special categories of customers, partners and the like.
  • Multi-service check-out for ticket sales, subscriptions/season tickets, terminated and non-terminated services, packages, items ,merchandise, membership, loyalty scheme management, opening and managing prepaid accounts, etc.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Standard reporting in accordance with accounting standards and in-depth data analysis with numerical and graphical representations of results.
  • On-line monitoring of all key sales data.

This base can be upgraded with all other software modules of the integrated platform according to the needs and wishes.

Own online store is a key step on the transition to the digital marketing and sales paradigm under your brand

The kustomized online store is strategically the most important sales channel. With registered customer addresses, you build your marketing database and prepare your terrain for modern e-marketing.

  • Online store in your design.
  • Responsive design provides the same good user experience on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.
  • Easy and quick registration of new customers with all the few clicks.
  • On-line ticket sales, subscriptions/season tickets, forwarded and non-terminated services, packages, items (merchandise), gift cards, subscription and membership fees (membership), opening and filling prepaid invoices (p), registration and payment of registrations and fee payments, etc.
  • Credit card payments, UPN, Valu, mBills, PayPal, on delivery.
  • Sell on your Facebook profile.
  • Vaučers, print@home tickets and immaterial electronic tickets on smartphones.

Trade - important complementary activity and source of revenue

The sale of merchandise, from drinks and snacks, to a wide range of merchandise in shops of tourist attractions and sports clubs is an important complementary activity and a source of additional revenue.

  • Comprehensive support for commercial operations in accordance with accounting standards.
  • Automatic input calculations of prices of merchandise.
  • Automatic stock management by different methods and for any number of warehouses.
  • Possibility of selling merchandise at the consignation.
  • Possibility of selling composite products.
  • Support for using barcodes on items speeds up cash work and simplifies inventory.
  • Possibility of on-line item sales by preparing documents for delivery.
  • Management of all characteristic documents of commercial operations.
  • Possibility of exporting data to the accounting system.
  • Possibility to use additional POS equipment at checkouts: customer display, electronic cash drawer, barcode scanner.
  • The ability to use an external monitor to advertise the offer (it is possible to upload both video files and image material to the program and determine the display sequence).

HRM - human resources management and working time records

The Human resource management software module and working time records (Time & Space) includes everything a modern company needs in this area – from efficient job planning, assisted by a sophisticated software robot, through monitoring work tasks and recording working hours, to compiling data for billing salaries and other work-based payouts.

  • Management of complete and up-to-date records across all categories of workers envisaged.
  • Fast work planning with the possibility of using an intelligent software robot for automatic planning and obligations based on a series of adjustable parameters.
  • Complete and up-to-date records of working time.
  • Use contactless cards to register arrivals and departures from work.
  • Up-to-date monitoring of work tasks performed and working time spent.
  • Preparation of data for the calculation of salaries or other payments.

Data analysis and understanding are key elements of modern management

The availability of data always and everywhere and the possibility of processing them in real time is the desire and imperative of any modern manager.

  • The ability to set any filters above the data.
  • Statistical data processing.
  • Structural analysis.
  • Time analysis.
  • Numerical and graphic presentation of results.

We have been building our competences for 30 years and there is no one in the wider region with a greater treasure trove of knowledge and experience and better references. Tell us your challenges and wishes and together with you we will find the most appropriate solution for your needs. On the way to the world of digital marketing and sales, we have helped many and we believe we can help you as well.

Electronic validation of print@home and eletron tickets speeds up and facilitates entry to the venue

Modern electronic ticket validation ensures speed, ease, transparency and comfort for visitors while allowing access to the scene without any contact.

  • Contactless, fast, safe and comfortable entry to the venue.
  • Express quick authentication of authenticity and validity of all types of tickets.
  • Fixed (stationary) transition limiters in different versions.
  • Possibility of validating tickets with manual terminals or smartphones.
  • The ability to determine the different colors of the screen according to the status of the ticket for greater transparency about what is happening.
Our knowledge. they entrust the most recognisable brands in the activities of culture, sport, festival events, tourist attractions, experiences and others to experience and other solutions.

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