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With the computerization and automation of business processes and the introduction of e-commerce, we are forever changing the industries and activities we enter.


Mojekarte is a trademark of The A&Z Software Studio, Information Engineering, d.o.o., and in nature it is a multi-prone, integrated information platform for marketing support and the sale of tickets and other products that are typical of the industry of events, events and experiences.

With a professional approach and equal responsibility, we tackle both big and small opportunities, while not making a difference in whether someone sells 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, or 1,000,000 tickets. In cooperation with our partners, we seek optimal technological and organizational solutions that help achieve the goals related to the visibility of the content offered and ticket sales. In doing so, we always strive to get into the specific needs of our partners and strive to meet all needs and expectations.



Our professional staff are available all days of the year and as much as 16 hours a day.



Each time, we try to provide as up-to-date information as possible about your events and events and excellent information to the audience.



We will answer each of your questions professionally and as soon as possible.


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You can focus entirely on the organization and execution, and we’ll take care of the rest.



Based on 30 years of experience, we can always offer you concrete, proven and working solutions related to marketing and selling tickets and other products of the industry events, events and experiences.



Although the Mojekarte platform is a generic digital tool, we always adapt our solutions and services to both content providers and visitors.

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Development of society

Discover the exciting 30-year history of our company and head to the 80th century. the last millennium, where the beginnings of our story date.

Time of entry of computing into society

The company's story begins in the 1980s, when Andrej Kores and Zoran Bistrički began to gain their first experience in software development at the time of the entry of computing into the company. Parallel with the development of their own system development platform and relational database, the authors develop during this period the first applied software solutions in the field of health. It turns out that their solutions constitute pioneering development work in these areas.

Beginnings in the software market

In 1989, Kores and Bistrički set out on a stand-alone entrepreneurial path. The first decade of company operation can be described as an early period of learning and the formation and gradual maturation of the team. This was through the scant possibilities and rare opportunities offered by the then completely unformed software market. The result of this period of searches, without a clear and definitive idea of specialisation in a particular area, was a truly written portfolio of applied solutions, in which both business solutions and computer control programs were available. The development of innovative health-care software has contributed significantly to the business results in the first phase of the company's operation. It is precisely the performance that has enabled the expansion of the development team, so this segment of operation deserves a slightly more detailed consideration.

New development vision

The second decoding operation from 2000 to 2010 is the period of specialisation and full development focus on comprehensive solutions for activities in which the classic account is replaced by a ticket or a vaučer (with a foreign "ticketing"). As a result of the visionary but at the same time precise assumption that ticket providers will seek multi-working and integrated solutions in the coming years and that internet ticket sales will become a key sales channel, a long-term development vision has been developed with a clearly defined strategic objective.

New ticket sales standards

We wanted to develop a modern, user-friendly, technologically advanced, multi-tasking and fully integrated digital platform for ticket sales and derivative products such as subscriptions, annual tickets, ticket packages, prepaid cards and others. We were among the pioneers of the introduction of computing into Slovenian society and this is our mission we wanted to continue on the path of the company's transition into the digital age. With creative solutions, which were always at least a few steps ahead of the current needs of users and offered more opportunities than competing solutions, we set new standards in the field of ticket sales and dictated guidelines for the further development of this activity. Not only in the domestic market but also in the wider region.

Ticketing platform 4. Generation

The third operating decaon between 2010 and 2020 was mainly characterised by the full specialisation of the company and the internationalisation of the business. This is a period in which a company with a accumulation of technological, organisational, business, marketing and other skills and international experience reaches the highest — expert level of operation and enters its mature life stage, marked by the internationalisation of business, the international enforcement of the professional team with the most noble domestic and high-profile international references, the establishment of the main (flagship) development product - the fourth generation digital 'ticketing' platform, and the strengthening of the position and significant increase in market shares of the My Card and DRAGON Ticketing brands in the domestic and regional market.

Entry into the fourth decade of operation

In its mature phase at the entrance to the fourth decade of operation, the 16-member team of permanent employees of the company Program studio A&Z, d.o.o. and subsidiary Moje karte d.o.o. Rijeka retains creativity and unabted developmental potential, and visionary and innovation are embedded in its DNA.
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Stories about the successful introduction of innovation and modern business practices.

Every story we have written together with our partners is unique — we put the satisfaction of our partners first and equate it with the satisfaction of our company's employees. It is with great pleasure that we share with you some stories of successful work-

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