Multifunctional, integrated platform for marketing and ticket sales

With our technical, organizational and software solutions to support marketing and the sale of tickets and other products of the industry of events, events and experiences, your offer will gain visibility and reach, which is a prerequisite for a larger visit, and your challenges will be easy to resolve.

Complete ticket sales solutions

With our ticket-selling software and technical solutions, your events and events will be more visited and more high-profile, and the challenges will be easily resolved.

The Mojekarte brand is a partner for leading cultural institutions, sports clubs, promoters and organizers of concert events and festival events, tourist attraction managers and other content providers in the region.

Your challenges-tailored solutions

Comprehensive solutions combined under the name My Cards are your shortcut to the best event management and ticket sales. Give visitors a full user experience.

Your specific challenges and the objective of a tailor-made solution

Solutions grouped under the Mojekarte brand are your shortcut to modern event management, events and experiences, promotion of your offer, and sales of tickets and tied products. Partnering with Mojekarte provides your visitors with a great user experience, saving you many worries and increasing your efficiency.

All under one roof

One effective solution that successfully combines ticket sales and marketing activities. The process of planning, promoting and implementing your event will make it easier and more efficient.

Everything you need in one place

A modern digital platform, proven dedicated equipment, a range of additional services and a proven team with multidisciplinary knowledge and extensive international experience create a winning combination that finds solutions to even the most difficult challenges. The process of planning, promoting and implementing your event will be well managed with such support and, as a result, more efficient and cost-effective.

For each area we have a solution

Culture, sport, multi-day music, theatre, film and other festivals, multi-day sports tournaments and international competitions of the rank of European and world championships, museums and galleries, tourist attractions and other experiences, fair events – we have extensive international experience in all areas. Therefore, our solutions are easily adapted to the specifics of each organizer and to each area characterised by ticket sales.

Why the Mojekarte platform?


making your offer accessible all the time and everywhere


professional advice, transfer and adaptation of good practices and cutting-edge support


design according to your wishes and needs


regular updates and upgrades with new options


complete security and privacy



It's time to solve all the challenges associated with ticket sales at events. They are provided with our holist solution and you focus on the implementation of the event.

We have been building knowledge, skills and competences continuously since 1990.

It is time to finally discover solutions to all the challenges associated with presenting your offer and selling tickets and additional products that are typical of the industry of events, events and experiences. This is what an arsenal of advanced tools connected to the Mykarte digital platform takes care of, and you can focus 100% on the implementation part.

Marketing and sales network and

Marketing and sales network is the intersection of the domestic range of events, events and experiences and a leading brand in ticket distribution activities according to the quantity of offer, quality and variety of offer, genre representation and other market parameters. As network manager, we provide promoters, organizers, contractors and other content providers with high-profile promotion and targeted advertising of their offer and reliable, secure, 24/7 available and affordable pre-sale and ticket sales service.


events annually


tickets issued annually

High-profile and successful stories and good business practices

With domestic and foreign partners we have already written many successful and high-profile stories, achieved prestigious results and developed modern business practices that set new standards in activities characterised by ticket sales. We want to share the best of them with you.

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Want to know more? Contact us.

We will be happy to answer all your questions.